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MedeaWiz Sprite video repeater

DV-S1 "Sprite®"

The DV-S1 "Sprite®" is a hard working HD video repeater proving that good things do sometimes come in small packages. Weighing in at about 2 Watts of power consumption, and under $100, the Sprite can play most types of video files at up to 1080p on the HDMI output. It can be used as a simple repeater, looping a file when power is applied, or you can be in total control of the show. You can trigger a second file by pushbutton or voltage level change. Once the triggered file is completed the Sprite returns to the looping file. There is no blank space when looping or changing files. You can select multiple trigger options, and other initial setup options using the included remote control. Need more control? The Sprite has a 2-way serial port. Use your favorite PLC, microprocessor or show controller and command the Sprite® to play up to 200 different files in any order, and at any time you want. Be sure to read the complete manual available at the downloads page.

MedeaWiz DV-81 video repeater


The DV-81 High Definition media player can play HD video up to full 1080p with HDMI output. It also has a VGA and a Composite output. It plays most high definition file types including mpeg, H.264 and WMV9 from a SD memory card or a USB drive. The files can be changed or scheduled from a PC over LAN. The DV-81 has a 2-way serial communications port at TTL levels to work with the MedeaWiz DV-68K pushbutton controller or other devices. Play up to 200 files on command, any order, any time. All initial setup is done with the included remote control and the on-screen menu. Like all MedeaWiz players, the settings are retained while power is off. Set it once, install it, and forget about it. With alternate free Multi Zone RSS firmware and free PC software, it can be used as a multi-zone menu board with RSS feeds, weather feed, clock and more. Be sure to read the complete manual available at the downloads page.